Saturday, February 12, 2011

:)Around Town Photos(:

HELLLLLLO AGAIN. So I'm back for my 2nd digital photography photo taking assignment, the Around Town Photo Assignment. WOOT hehe. Soooo here they are! Hope you enjoy...

#1: "A Person Walking or Jogging" ~ Well, here are two persons (otherwise known as people) walking... This is my sister Sabra, and her boyfriend Steve. I was their personal stalker LOL followed them around and took pictures (this was not posed in any way)

#2: "Some Hands" ~ There are two hands right there(: That is (once again) my sister Sabra and her boyfriend Steve. This was not posed either... I was stalking LOL. I was planning on having them pose like this for me, but they just did it, so I took pictures while they ignored me

#3: "An Animal" ~ So a small detail I may have forgotten to mention was I was doing the previously mentioned stalking at the Hogle Zoo, so here is a picture of a Leopard I took while there. A break from my stalking ;P LOL

#4: "A Playground" ~ Well, here is a playground. This is the playground at the Hogle Zoo (I was having trouble taking awesome/sexy pictures of it, this is one of the better ones =\) lol

#5: "An Egg" ~ Unlike the previous pictures, this one was not taken at the Zoo ;) This particular photo shoot entailed cooking an actual egg and then convincing someone in my family to eat it when I was finished. Luckily I live with some very willing eaters... LOL

#6: "A Doll" ~ This is my porcelain doll (not at the zoo ;) That I got when I was little. I had wanted one for as long as I can remember, and finally got Samantha here(: LOL

#7: "An Antique or Something Old" ~ This is my Great-Grampa's chess set (that spells out antique to me... hopefully to Mrs. Webb as well LOL) This thing is so cool! Its got an Asian theme, and I had always thought my Daddy had bought it over there. However now that I'm older I find the fact that my Great-Grampa gave it to him much more interesting and cool.

#8: "A Mirror Image or Reflection" ~ This is a fan my Daddy actually did buy in Asia. Pretty simple... that's the fan. That's the reflection. LOL

#9: "A Flag" ~ Well here is a flag (once again at the Zoo lol) It was a toss-up between this bad picture of the American flag, and a bad picture of 'Tibetan Prayer Flags' (according to a sign) that I took at the Zoo as well. LOL USA WINS.... ya that was dorky. Sorry...

#10: "A Musical Instrument" ~ This is my (well, technically my Daddy's) Cello! It's GORGEOUS! ...ijusthopethispicturecanbehalfasawesomeasthesubjectofthephoto *caugh* SO YUP. Here it is(:

Hope you liked em XOXO

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Mrs. Webb said...

BEAUTIFUL cello. I love the coloring.