Saturday, February 26, 2011

:)Black & White... BOOM BABEH(:

I honestly love black and white pictures! However, I had a really off week. I took hundreds of pictures (litterally) trying to get some I was proud of. I'm still not sure if I succeeded... LOL well heeere we go:

This is a picture of my snow globe (...or glitter globe? idk LOL). This picture looks good in black and white, because in the original, the colors are really bright and vibrant, and distract from the subject of the picture. In the black and white you can concentrate on it. Plus, I think the black and white adds a kind of... elegant feel to it.

Bubble bath in bubbles! This picture is better in black and white, because the lighting in the bathroom makes the bubbles kind of yellowed. With the black and white it's simpler and cuter.

Brrr... this picture was taken outside during a snowstorm. It looks better in black and white, because it makes everything simpler, to help you notice what you should notice. Plus I think it fits with the picture itself, snow at night. And I think it kind of adds an... old fashioned feel. Which i like with this picture.

I like this picture in black and white, because it feels more like aaaa...... winter wonderland (that works). No distracting colors, just snow covering everything.

This picture looks better in black and white, because in the original there are purples, blues, yellows, all colors that do not go well together. The black and white takes that away, and allows everything to exist in harmony. (LOL a funny thing with this picture, I didn't notice until it was on my computer that the paper in the background was talking about friendship. Fitting, heh?)

:)So here are my Black and White pictures(:

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