Tuesday, February 22, 2011

:)Camera Modes(:

ITS MEEEEE. Hi(: Soooo I'm back to post pictures... YAY! This week's assignment was to take pictures with each mode on our camera... Well. The results are seen here(:

Okay, the first mode is "Portrait" mode, so I took pictures of my 'little sister' Hanna(: These were my favorites from them, but I wasn't sure which one I should use (the close up or the full body one). The second one with the fire hydrant was my models choice LOL. That's 'our' fire hydrant. The thing is GIANT, like, TALLLL! LOL. so, here they are:

Portrait #1

Portrait #2

The second mode on my camera is "Landscape" mode, so I took a picture of a... (wait for it) LANDSCAPE =P LOL unfortunately where I live, there aren't many pretty landscape scenes right now. So here:

The third mode on my camera is "Night Portrait", and once again my model is the GORGEOUS Hanna! These were taken outside right as the sun was going down. Once again, I wasn't sure which one to pick. I liked both of these ones, but the second one I was afraid it was too dark around Hanna. So...
Night Portrait #1

Night Portrait #2

The next mode on the camera is "Party/Indoor". I took this picture on this setting because of the lighting. It was indoors, lit by artificial lights.

The next mode is "Beach/snow". At first I was worried about this mode... because. Despite the fr-fr-fr-FREEZING weather (UGH so horrible for taking outdoor pictures LOL) all the snow melted. And I don't live near any beaches. So I wasn't sure what to do. Then, I looked over. Thank goodness for moutains! They preserved the snow I needed for a picture. HEHE

The next mode is "Sunset" for this I waited for an actual sunset and ran over to my neighbors dirtbike track, stood on the top of a jump, and tried to get over all the buildings and other things (it bugs me having them in these kind of pictures). But, I'm happy with what I go, I like how the light is coming out from behind the clouds. The sunset mode helped to preserve the natural beauty of this

The next mode is "Dusk/dawn". Well, I waited for Dawn to go take pictures, however it was FREEZING so I didn't stay out long, and really hated the pictures I got. So I tried some more inside, where the light was dim just like a dusk or a dawn, and I got this. (Get it, Breaking DAWN? LOLOL I thought it was clever. But I am really tired... so idk)
Dawn... or should I say BREAKING Dawn? =P

The next mode is "Night Landscape" and let me say... I think I hate this one. I was trying to get good pictures outside but... if it was FREEZING when it was SUNNY. Imagine how cold it was with no sun? AAHHH LOL so this was the best one I got. It was right after sunset, RIGHT before it got dark, so this was the 'night landscape'
Night Landscape

The next mode is "Close-up". I took this picture for it, because it was able to get all the details of this jewlery, RIGHT up on it, while other modes would have made this blurry.

This next mode is the YUMMMMIESSST of them all. It really is. It's... "FOOD"!! YAY! So, as I may have mentioned before. It was... FREEEEEZING outside. After Hanna's and my picture taking walk, we came back stiff and frozen and made hot cocoa right away. And FRICK it was DELICIOUS! Almost as good as it looked ;)

The next mode is called "Museum", and at first I was really confused about this. The only thing I could think it meant was taking pictures of other pictures. I looked it up online just to be safe, and it turns out it is for taking better pictures while in dimly lit indoor settings. THEN it made sense, because most museums don't allow flash photography. So while looking for something to photograph for this, I saw on my horribly messy desk my old magnet board with a bunch of pictures on it. I thought this would be good for the setting because of all the colors and details that are involved in it.

Okay, stick with me on this one. This mode (very obviously BLACK AND WHITE) is called "Copy" on my camera. No wonder I haven't been able to find the black and white setting until now. I don't understand why it's called copy, but it is. So here it is. I chose to take a picture of these fake flowers because they looked good in black and white, I thought. So yup
'Copy' o_O

This next mode is called "Backlight". The only thing I assumed this would be was when the lighting is BEHIND the subject, so you cannot see any details of the subject. So I put a candle behind it and used the backlight setting. Just for you to see the difference, I took TWO pictures. The same angles, same everything. However this first one is on the 'Backlight' setting, and the other is just on 'Auto'.


While I was looking through all the modes, I realized that I have no sports mode, however I remembered that it said something about the camera itself automatically working to capture fast moving subjects. So I decided to test my memory and took some pictures with the 'Auto' mode. Here is the best one:

There are two more modes on my camera, 'Fireworks show' and 'Panorama Assist'. I don't know wat Panorama Assist does, but I was upset when I found out I had it. AFTER I took that panorama. It may have been able to help me with it D: LOL oh well. Well, I didn't really want to take another panorama, so I left that one out. And the Fireworks show.... there's no fireworks. I did however try to improvise with lights in a dark room. Apparently that mode only like moving BOOMING lights, it did not work out. Just to show you wat I mean....

This one was taken while the lights were laying perfectly still, and the cameral was NOT moving. I took several more like these. Apparently if they're laying still, they come out blurry with this one.

I think this pic is actually kinda cool! I thought maybe if i was moving them they would be better, since fireworks are always moving. So, I picked it up and twirled/shook it around. thats the cool swirly part. The blur of lights behind it, is the lights that are stayin still.

I took this one just to make sure it WAS the mode. I put it onto "Auto Mode Select", and it put it onto "Close-Up", so these are the lights that firework mode did not like(:


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Jizelle Jade said...

you have a .. FOOD mode? holy CRAP that's so cool rofl
btw hanna's so freaking sexy
and geeez the landscape/sunset pics are SEXY. I was waiting all week for a sunset like that and I just couldn't get one.

LOL firework mode. i have that but didn't have fireworks so uncle said to take pictures of a lit candle with dumbells