Sunday, September 25, 2011


Everyone has inspirations, role models, and heroes... Right now, my photography inspiration and role model (but not JUST for photography) is Wish Photography... She's an amazing photographer, brilliant writer, and wonderful person. And I don't even know her. Just to show you what I mean, here are several quotes from her that I love...

"Imagine you are climbing Mt. Everest: You may start out with some climbing companions, or by yourself, but at the bottom there are a lot of climbers, as you climb higher you pass people, some decide to quit because it's too hard. Some keep going, but are just slower. You keep climbing. Along the way you pass friends who might be struggling who started before you and you just say "hey...see ya." By the time you reach the top you are all alone. You celebrate, but you're celebrating alone. Nobody is there with you. You've passed them all, you left them there to struggle. Now you've made the journey but what now? Do you think you could do it again? Would you go back and help others to come up to the top to see the view you saw? Well think of this as fun is it celebrating alone? Are you lifting up others to see the view you see? You should. The rewards of a hard journey are not fun when you celebrate alone. There is room at the top of the mountain for more then just you. And the party is a lot better. It's okay to help people along the way in this journey of making it to the top. It makes the reward much sweeter and makes you much stronger."

"Don't be afraid of competition, instead embrace it. Don't get frustrated by those new in the business, instead allow it to make you want to be more 'fresh'. Don't get upset by those who may imitate you, allow it to flatter you. Don't be intimidated by those who are a step ahead of you, instead let it push you. And don't be afraid of those who are blazing a trail behind you, instead allow it to light a fire under your behind"

"Just like tall buildings aren't built over night so the same goes with people's self esteem. Just like it can take many years, thousands of workers, engineers, architects, and designers to build one single sky scraper; it takes many years, teachers, parents, friends and colleagues to build up someones own personal building. And just like a bomb can take down that tall building in a matter of seconds so can unkind words and character attacks. Don't destroy someones building because you may not agree with them, or simply like them. Instead just take a different route so you don't have to pass that building."

"Do you know when you've been sleeping and someone turns on the light and it hurts your eyes because it's just so darn bright? Keep this theory in mind when people try to diminish your character, it's just because you shine so brilliantly that you hurt their eyes. Don't take it personally, their eyes will adjust and they will see you completely and whole as the beautiful person you are. So as I always say SHINE ON!"

And if that doesn't show you how amazing she is, which I highly doubt, you need to go look at her pictures! I seriously hope I can be as fabulous as she is someday! 

Also, take a look at this blog (created and run by the same person). I'm in love with it also!

If you're anything like me, you'll love these websites so much that you go back all the time, just to look at the pictures!

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