Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Success!

As I have already posted, lately I've changed to editing without any filters... I'm doing it all by hand, going completely "raw". I've been doing okay, but I haven't been getting the feel I want for it... at ALL. Well today I was editing to calm down from some stress I was under, and TA-DA! It came out the closest to what I want than anything else! YAYY!! I'm really really pleased with how it came out, and it helps that I loved the composition of the picture before, so the overall product is just amazing to me! Plus, the fact that I'm finally getting closer to where I want to be, makes me so happy!

This has more of the elegant, vintage-but-not-too-vintage look that I adore!

The Before and After

Just for kicks an giggles, my process of editing, from left to right, the edits that I saved until I got what I loved!

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