Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wishing Stars

I recently posted about Wish Photography, but I need to do so again.

(I did not take this image, nor do I own any rights to it)
Kandis from Wish Photography is just purely amazing, in every single way! She is such an inspiring photographer, her images are truly art! You can tell just from one of her pictures that she is full of passion and love; the fact that she is able to shine that brightly through one picture is phenomenal! However, she is not just an amazing photographer, but an incredible person! She is kind to everyone, even those who try to prevent her from shining so brightly; she will help out anyone who asks; she shares everything that she knows; but most importantly, she inspires. She inspires, not just me, but everybody to be better. Not only better photographers, but better people. She encourages everybody to not only be who they are, but to be the best that they are. She is proof to me that the world is good, and that one person can make a difference!

Starlit Photography
Shana from Starlit Photography isn't someone I have "known" for long, but I already know that I love her! Her images are absolutely fantastic, but her spirit is even more gorgeous! She is one of the kindest, sweetest, most giving people you will ever meet. Before she even knew me, she was making me feel better about myself, and inspiring me to never give up on happiness! Shana will take the time to respond to your comments and posts on her wall, and she is always more than willing to help. No matter what, I know that Shana is the kind of person that would be there for you always. Through the internet, I can tell that she's an amazing person, and through her photographs I can see that she is an amazing photographer with a passion for it! You will not regret checking out all of her stuff, I promise :)

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