Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Friday!

Hello Lovelies :)

I have two things to say to y'all today! First, I am so sorry I haven't blogged this week! I was really planning on doing hair and clothes posts, but... I broke out. I looked like a freakin' cyclops, there was a GIANT zit on my forehead. It was gross dis-gus-ting! I kinda hid in my house away from the world. Meaning, no pictures! But lucky for me, it's almost gone! And lucky for you, this means I will write a post about my acne miracles! (just kidding... I wish they were miracles! But I've learned how to manage it pretty good. I'll also tell you what can make you break out.... Acne is evil. It needs to die!)

And second, I'm guest posting over at Live. Laugh. L0ve. today!! Head on over and check it out :) Cassie is the sweetest, so take a look at the rest of her blog while you're at it!

And let's not forget....

Sorry. I had too. But I actually like the Glee version!

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Elisha(: said...

I looovee Glee's version!! :)