Monday, May 14, 2012

Lazy Monday

I said in the past I wanted to start doing other posts--hair tutorials, DIY's etc... SO, I'm starting today! This one isn't the best, it's just to get me going with it :)
Today was Monday. I was tired. I was lazy. I didn't want to get dressed and do my hair--only because I didn't wanna spend the time. SO, I did one of my fast lazy hair do's (I did something similar to this last week, and EVERYONE complimented me on it. the only difference was I didn't have it in a ponytail).

It was so simple. I braided a little piece of my hair on one side, pulled it across the top of my head like a headband, and pinned it so that it would stay. I did the same thing on the opposite side (this isn't necessary, my hair was just being a pain so this gave me more control over it). After that, I pulled my hair to the side, put it in a ponytail, then pinned up the fly-aways in the back, and bam, I was done! Simple, FAST, and cute! I would have left it down like I did last week, with just my braided headband, but like I said, my hair was being a butt. SO this is what I got! About 2 minutes to complete--up to 5 depending on your hair

Yeah. I look guh-ross. Ignore that please!!!

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