Monday, May 28, 2012

Send Something Good!

I've been waiting for this day for the longest time! I participated in the program Send Something Good, and I have loved every minute of it! Basically it's like pen pals, but more awesome. Because you get to send and get a package of goodies! EE! Hehe anyways.... I haven't received my package yet. AH! It's driving me crazy. Stupid snail mail! Every day... "DID I GET A PACKAGE? Awwwe man *insert fit here*" ...okay maybe not always that dramatic. I'm not always immature.... sometimes. Anyways....

I got Tiffany from The Creative Coastie Wife, and I loved picking stuff out for her! But of course, like anytime I get someone a present, I freak out worrying that they won't like it. Here's what I got her:

1. Glass beads and key charms {because she likes to make vintage jewelry for fun!}
2. I made her a hair bow hanger thingy..... Yes that is the real name. Google it. (I'm serious... you'll see that I can call it that! Bahahaha!)
3. A vintage bow headband!
4. Green nail polish {her favorite color combos right now are aqua and turquoise}
5. A green ring
6. Blue bracelet
7. Handmade paper flower hair pretty (made by yours truly!)
8. A notebook for anything she wants--I got this started with some quotes that I love! And inside the cover I glued a picture of the Salt Lake LDS Temple, as a symbol of where I'm from!
9. I included two talks and a Book for Mormon {she's very Christian!} because they've helped me through some very very tough times in the past! (Tiffany, just know I wasn't trying to preach or anything at you. I just wanted to share something that I love with you! I hope you didn't get the wrong impression--I'm not all pushy and stuff!)

{I ended up having to ship them in a different box because I bought the wrong postage online.... oops!}

I had so much fun doing this, and I definitely want to do it again! Oh, and I can't wait until my box gets here! I wanna cry the anticipation is killing me! Hehe!


Gentri said...

GORGEOUS! I'm sure she loved it!!

jamie brooke said...

Those gifts are adorable!
I'm sure she absolutely loved it ^.^

jamie brooke

patience said...

holy cow great photographs rachel! we're crossing our fingers that you get your package soon soon soon!

Roopa Iyer said...

Wow!! What an awesome packages! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous!

Newest follower
- Roopa

paperedthoughts said...

oh your package is so girly && lovely - I love it! && don't worry I'm still awaiting mine too! :) x Rin

Shannon said...

totally adorable! I love this swap so much.

Kristy Lynn said...

pretty pictures!!

so glad to have you participate in SSG! hope to see you around some more!

Jes said...

ahhh i hope your package gets there soon! i about ran my mailman down to get it.

mizhenka said...

What a wonderful package!

Lena said...

I absolutely LOVE this. Especially those flowers and the beads.. so pretty!! What a fun project to be a part of. Fingers crossed that you get your package soon!!

GingerPeachT said...

Hey girl!!
I have loved your package :-) I was wearing the ring yesterday and I almost wear the headband daily haha
And every thing in your package was so sweet and heartfelt. I have just been so busy helping my hubby find a job that I haven't had time to blog.
Thanks for being awesome!

Megan said...

I love what you sent her!! It's all so so beautiful! and that's a great idea about the Book of Mormon! such a great book and totally great missionary opportunity. wish I thought of that :)