Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still Rockin' It (+ a sale!)

I know, I know. The last hair post I did was a side ponytail with a braid too. Trust me, I really don't do it that much! Today was a "I washed my hair last night but I wok up with it all gross so I need it pulled back to make it not look dirty because it isn't" day. SO, I did this. 

1. Take a large section of hair from one side and tightly braid it.
2. Pull braid over top of head and position it--clip down other side
3. Pull hair to one side (I did the side that I started the braid on, to hide the bump that showed up from the base of it being bent)
4. Leave out a section of hair at the bottom of the ponytail and pull rest up
5. Take the section you left out and wrap it around the pony tail until it is completely wound and hiding the band
6. Using bobby pins, secure the hair you wrapped around the pony tail and any loose pieces around your head
7. I chose to put in a clip I got from a lovely lady, but you can accessorize however you want to--or however you don't want to

I broke out again because I've been sick and stressed out lately, so there aren't any front views. Because, I feel disgusting, and I don't wanna show that to the interwebs!

Fun fact about me.... This is my natural hair color, even though it looks like I got highlights. All natural!!!

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Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Very cute hairstyle!! When my hair gets a little longer I will have to try this out! P.s. love your natural hair color!