Friday, May 25, 2012

What I Wore

Yes, it's my first what I wore post! Whoo! Today was my younger brothers 13 birthday, so my Dad took all of us to see The Avengers! Now, I've been wanting to see it before it was "the thing" to see. My brother told me as soon as they announced it wherever they announce that stuff, before anyone really knew, and as soon as he told me, I was dying to see it! See, I love the comic book movies and stuff... I'm geekly chic! Hehe

But of course, today of all days, my migraine got terrible. Like, I woke up all night long because my head was pounding. But there was absolutely no way I was gonna miss this movie! So, I decided I wanted a hair do that I wouldn't have to pull back/up/around or anything (no strain on my scalp), and that wouldn't take very long. So, I decided to do messyish curls!

Total prep time {including hair, clothes, etc...} was only about half an hour, which is really fast for curling hair!

Tank Top: Nordstom's Rack Clearance $5
Bolo Sweater: Macy's $10
Belt: I grabbed it from a pile of stuff my neighbors were throwing away $0
Pants: Maurice's >$15ish
Boots: Hand-me-down from my sister $0
Necklace: Christmas present from a friend $0
Earrings: Local boutique, Hildi's Gifts $1.50


Elisha(: said...

you look gorrrgeous!! your hair is PERFECT.


GingerPeachT said...

You are so pretty!! Love the outfit and hair. I hope your migraine went away.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for my package!! I got it several weeks ago while I was visiting my folks in fl. So it came in a perfect time. I've been wearing the headband and ring the most. :-)