Monday, June 11, 2012

Calling Pretty People!!!

Pretty people (that means you)
But unfortunately right now I'm only calling for the pretty people that make pretty things (is that you too??)
But I love all of you guys. Don't hate me for not calling you!!! That would make me sad :(

Anyways!!! So here's what I want to do....
In July, I want to do a feature a day. On jewelry! Because of blogs I've found so many amazingly beautiful ladies that create fabulous jewelry, and I wish, oh how I wish, that I could afford to buy each and every one of your pieces!!! And so, I want to give other girls the chance to find out about you amazing talents!!!

Each day in July I would love to have a feature, guest post, and hopefully a giveaway from some fabulous shop owner that specializes in body bling! 

Of course, I will not be requiring anyone to sponsor a giveaway, but it's highly encouraged :)

If you want to be one of these lucky ladies, just email me at hiddenbeautyphoto {@} gmail and let me know! And please don't be shy and/or scared to, I know I'll love you and whatever you create, and I would love to have you!!!

So just you know. Go and email me. And spread the word maybe? :)

Loves and hugs!!!

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