Sunday, June 17, 2012

Join My Party!!!

Sponsor me in July and you'll get the chance to guest post, participate in a group giveaway, and if wanted, an individual giveaway! 
Don't forget that I also have Jewelry in July scheduled--which should increase traffic. By like, a lot. So you know, if you want to sponsor here, July would be a good month. Just sayin'! July will be hoppin', diggity dog! ---okay I won't do that again. But you get the picture. 

 PLUS, I'm just fun. Let's become best friends! I love my bloggy BFF's! :)

$6 {3 available}

$4 {4 available}

$3 {8 available}

$1 {unlimited}

Email hiddenbeautyphoto{@}gmail{.}com to reserve your spot! :)

1 comment:

Silver said...

Really looking forward to July Jewelry month {sorry don't make any myself}. Can't wait!

Silver from A Silver Snapshot