Friday, June 8, 2012

Skinny Girl Problems

I'm a skinny girl. I'm not complaining, I'm happy about it, but I want everyone to know that just because girls are skinny, doesn't mean life is so much easier for them! Sort of to just say, no matter what size you are, you'll have problems. So just accept that you're beautiful the way God made you! :)

1. Finding pants. You have no idea how hard it is for me to find pants that fit me good! I have one pair of jeans that actually fit me. One! I used to have a few that fit me pretty well, but this school year was so hard that I got anxiety and lost a ton of weight, so now they're insanely baggy on me. Even "skinny" jeans are hard to find!

2. "Do you have an eating disorder?" I've been getting this one ever since Jr. High. I've been called anorexic, bulimic, etc... And it hasn't stopped. I've even had friends convinced I starve myself!

3. People never get off your back. "You are TOO skinny! Gain weight!" "You need to eat more!" "You're fragile!" "Why are you mad about how you look, you're skinny!" Just because I'm skinny, doesn't mean I don't have self-esteem issues. Just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I don't eat enough. I eat till I'm full, and I eat whatever I want when I want (granted that we have it in the house)... People try to shove food down my throat, even if I tell them I think I'm going to barf I'm so full.

4. I don't have a butt...or hips! I know, I know. "Be happy about that!" Sorry butt, I wish I actually had one. I'm flat, and I don't have any hips. I have boobs, but nothing lower. Bahaha! I'm kinda stickish.

5. We're often viewed as snobby. The "popular" girls. Well, I've never been popular, probably won't ever be. And I'm okay with that. But I don't like that people think I'm stuck up and snobby, just because I'm skinny.

Please, don't starve yourself to be skinny. Body problems won't go away... Girls, women, we will always have issues with ourselves, there will always be a problem and ten. Yes, you need to be healthy, but you don't have to a stick to be healthy! God gave us our body, don't ruin it because of society!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you are under 5"4 and skinny you can't give blood :( Apparently I don't have enough and if they take my blood I will faint :(

GingerPeachT said...

Rock on!! I am skinny too and have had those comments as well! I feel better about it because I know I'm healthy and that's how God made me! :-)

Elisha(: said...

I'm skinny too!!! Gotten #2... By my doctor!!! Lol. :P thanks for posting!!


Elisha(: said...

we just have soo much in common!! all 5 of these things!!


Megan said...

yep, got the same thing my whole life. even after having a baby people still tell me i'm too skinny. it's frustrating... i can't help it! it makes me so self conscious when someone tells me that. i wish i had more curves {and boobs!} but i don't so don't make me feel bad about it, ha.