Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Treena Bean {Review + WIW}

Have you guys heard of Treena Bean? It's this absolutely adorable, gorgeous, wonderful, inexpensive online boutique!! I found them through another blog, and I instantly fell in love with them!!!! Here, take a look at why, these are a few of my favorites from their shop.....
Only $18.95!
Only $11.95!
Only $11.95!
Only $17.95!
Only $19.95
Aren't their pieces just fabulous?! I contacted them about Jewelry in July, and they asked if I would do a review in June for them--and I would get one piece of my choice from their boutique. Uhm, of course I said yes!!! 

And oh my goodness, I had the absolute hardest time choosing the piece I wanted. No joke, I went through their shop who knows how many times, going over the pros and cons of choosing this piece vs. that piece. Choosing between gorgeous jewelry is just hard for me! Hehe! Well I finally decided on the following piece....

I decided on this Bangle because well.... look at it, how gorgeous is it? And I don't regret choosing it at all!!
It's high quality, not nearly as heavy as it looks, and I adore the mix of elegance and steampunk! I couldn't wait to wear it!

It's not really as big as it looks on me, I just have tiny {bony} wrists. {oh. and my tiny wrists make my hands look huge. Yeahh I'm kinda weirdly shaped. Hehe}

I just love love it!!! The color combination is wonderful, it doesn't pinch your skin, and honest, it looks like it should cost more than $15.95!!

Needless to say, I would not be disappointed if I had bought it! And trust me, I've been disappointed after buying jewelry. A lot. And I would not recommend those shops to anyone, but I highly recommend Treena Bean!

Not only is the jewelry impeccable, but Abbi was such a delight to communicate with! And, if you do purchase from their shop and for some {strange, weird} reason you aren't pleased, you can contact them! Customer satisfaction, as most everyone says, "number one priority"! And they mean it! I have no doubt that if you were unhappy that they would be kind and accommodating! 

Trust me, you will not regret being a Treena Bean customer, if anything you'll soon be raving about them just like me! Because, they're fabulous. Yup. So why don't you go check them out? Browse their shop for a while, find your favorite pieces! :)

P.S. - They're sponsoring a giveaway over at Olive and  An Arrow! Go check it out! {or don't.... so that maybe I can win. You know. That would be awesome. Hehe!}


Erin Keys said...

Love! Great choice!

Abbigayle Rashae said...

Thanks for doing such a great job on everything Rachel!

The post looks beautiful.

Glad you like the bangle! <3

-XO Abbigayle Rashae