Thursday, June 21, 2012

Will You Miss Me?

{Note: I'm writing this post while I'm trying to stay awake -- I took some medicine for a migraine that has made me drowsy, so I'm not really as awake as I would like to be. So please forgive me if I don't seem as happy as usual!}

Next week, Tuesday-Friday I will be away! I'm going to an event for my Church, called Girl's Camp! If you're LDS (aka Mormon) you know what it is, if not, it's where all the Young Women go camping for a week. 
This is going to be my last year going! I almost decided to not go.... Why?
Because I've had lots of problems, that I don't think I'm going to go into (nothing against you guys, I just don't want to say something someone would take offense to!)
And I'm taking Summer Classes. EW, right? And a week away will get me way behind.
Plus, with some of the physical conditions I have it worries me. My knees are terrible, and I get migraines constantly. Not fun!

But, I decided I need to go, so I'm heading out to the wilderness. To sleep in a tent. On the hard ground.
But, I'll have fun. I'm going to make sure!

I'll try to get some posts scheduled for while I'm gone, it all depends on how much free time I have before I leave :)

Feel free to email me while I'm gone, I'll definitely reply after I get home!!!

Please don't hate my blog because it will be kinda dead for a while.... Please?

{Pssst! *shamelessness coming* If you have a Facebook... and you want to be a doll.... You could totally head over to this picture and "like" my comment on it? My name is Rachel Shearer.... You know. If you want. I'll love you forever!!!!!!}

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