Monday, July 2, 2012

Jewelry in July - Katlyn of Pure Trinkets

Yes, day two of Jewelry in July!!! I'm so excited!!! Today I have the lovely Katlyn from Pure Trinkets! She is fabulous and so kind!!! I found her through her blog, The Dreamy Meadow, and am such a big fan of hers! I literally bounced{yes, I bounced. Because I was sitting down.} for joy when she agreed to be featured! I actually ended up asking her after we discussed her adorable rosettes on her Facebook page!!! Yeah, she actually responded to my post on her page--not many big time fabulous people do that {I've noticed} which makes me sad. But she replied to every one of my comments! And she didn't hesitate one bit when I mentioned what I was hoping to do in July. She's just fabulous, and I have a feeling we're going to become great friends (or at least, I hope. Hehe)!!!


Well hello there all you lovely people! I'm Katlyn, the owner and designer behind the shop Pure Trinkets! Today I'm here to show you some of my pieces and also to host a little giveaway.. GASP! 

Pure Trinkets is no 'big shop' by all means. It's quite little and I'm still trying to grow and get the name out into the world. Believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds! I started with just a couple of ideas and it all sprouted from there. My first intention was to make one hobby from another. 

You see I live in Washington state (on an island to be exact) and am surrounded by beaches.. I go beach combing all the time and collect different pieces of beach glass.. When thinking "what am I really going to do with all of this?" I came up with the brilliant idea of making jewelry out of them! 

From there I learned that I am truly in love with pouring all of myself into being creative and making lovely pieces for all of you! From beach glass I came to love fabrics and also metals.. If you visit Pure Trinkets you'll see how I incorporate these loves into my pieces! Hope you all stop by and check my shop out!  


Isn't she fabulous?? I adore her! And today she's giving away a FREE custom piece of the winners choosing!

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Jewelry in July - Hidden Beauty Photography
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ShiAnne Dansie said...

Morgan from Adie's Lovelies :)

kluckingbear said...

I've entered Treena Bean and Adie's far. :)

Lynne said...

So far I have entered Treena Bean and Shy Designs. But I am going to do Adie's Lovelies, and Cloud Nine yet tonight, hopefully! Thanks, I can't imagine how much work this has been for you to put together. I appreciate all the lovely designers and crafters I am being introduced to - even if I don't win anything, what great resources to have in my head for Christmas shopping!

jamie brooke said...

I entered the FemmePetal, Adie's Lovelies, and Shay Designs so far!

Eva said...

Entered in Shay's Designs & Adie's Lovelies

Carla G said...

I've entered for Adie’s Lovelies, Solo Artworks, Enchanted Pixie, Femme Petal, Shay Designs, and Treena Bean. What fabulous giveaways! :)

Jessica Sebastian said...

Shy Designs, Solo Artwork...etc :)

Karrie S said...

I've entered several-busy beedz, sassy lemonade