Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I'm going to admit right here, I was a little bit worried when I was looking at the instructions for this assignment. We were supposed to try to get landscape photos without any man-made objects in them... And several years ago, I could have walked out my door and done that no problem! But there have been so many houses built that it's nearly impossible to look anywhere without seeing signs of civilization. So, I'm actually surprised with some of these. I love it when my ideas of what perception can do to a photograph are proven!

It's also incredible how much of a difference just moving around can make on a photo... The lighting in these is different, so many look like they were from a completely different shoot! I did do different types of processing on them, but mostly I stayed about the same.
Overall, I love these! Some of them remind me of paintings :) And even though there is a water... pipe... thingy in a few, I don't think it really takes away from the landscape feel.

I love to walk around and just find little patches of beauty like this one here... I don't even care that I had people staring at me from their backyards as I army crawled around this field with my camera. I mean, how is that weird? I think it's totally normal ;)
(I think this one is my least favorite :( Sad face!) 

And, here is my first attempt at an HDR photo... I can't wait to play around with this more!

P.S. - I am obsessed with Golden Hour. I already was, but I had forgotten how much I loved it until tonight! AH!

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Mrs. Webb said...

You have got to love that golden hour and the lighting in these images is so different and varied - I love it! I love the warmish hues, the vivid greens, the rule of thirds and the light sky. I also like the experiments with shallow vs. deep depth of field. My only suggestion would be to make sure that you are not even 1 degree off on your horizon line or just go crop it later to make sure it is perfectly straight.