Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So today I took the pictures for my 1st Digital Photography assignment! I had a photo shoot with my two models (my younger brothers, Clark (11) and Daniel (9)) and we had a blast! So here are most of the pictures from that shoot with them! (Some are not very good, but I thought they were fun enough to put up =P)! There were some more from inside the house, but they weren't as good, so I left those off(: (however if you request it, I will upload those ones as well). So ENJOY THE EPICNESS!
#1: (Clark in the back, Daniel in the front)

#2: LOL! The sniper/assassin being assassinated. (Clark in the back, Daniel on the floor)

#3: (Daniel)

#4: (Daniel)

#5: (Clark)

#6: This is one of the worse ones. The models (Daniel left, Clark right) did not like this location LOL

#7: Again, one of the worse ones (Daniel left, Clark right) same location as above. Least favorite location

#8: (Daniel)

#9: (Daniel)

#10: (Clark)

#11: (Daniel left, Clark right)

#12: (Daniel front, Clark back)

#13: (Clark left, Daniel right)

#14: LOLOL. Need I explain it? ;P (Daniel left, Clark right)

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