Monday, March 7, 2011

:)Brush Tool(:

WASSSUPPP?! This is Rachel Shearer, reporting from... eh what do you care about that, ur here for pictures! Woo! So we chose a tutorial in class to edit a picture, and this is what I did for mine, using the brush tool! Hope ya enjoy!



Anyways, a quick word from our sponsers: (yes I'm tired, weird, and rather hyper right now LOL)
I was looking through the tutorials, and I decided I wanted to do the brush tool, because it seemed that I could do more with it, make it more unique and my own. Then I was looking through the pictures I have used for assignments, and I thought this picture of Ma Little Sis would look really amazing as an "Old Fashioned" photograph, so I used it and tried to make the picture look old and worn! Let's hope I succeeded!
:)Thank You And Good Night(:

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