Tuesday, March 8, 2011

:)David Hockney Sexyness(:

..but David Hockney is not sexy, fyi. I saw a picture. Not sexy.. LOL anyways...

We created David Hockney Collage's in Digital Photography, so here is my really kinda horrible one!

This is of my sister's balcony in Minnesota, on the back of her appartment. I took the collage of this scene because one, I thought it was pretty. Two, it was convenient LOL. And three, I thought it would be a good subject for this assignment, because it is hard to get a large portion of all the scenery in one picture. So, there it is!

BTW, this took me like, two whole days to make; PIXLR SUCKS DX Ugh it kept crashing on me. Really, really, REALLY irritated me. And because of this, it came out even worse than it woulda before =,(

So, just for reference, here is a picture taken pointing at the angle the Collage is. It's just a regular picture, so that you can see exactly how much more the Collage showed.


Jizelle Jade said...

Really nice, Rachel!
I loved the amount of pictures you took. The more pictures there are, the better it looks--and so since you took a lot, it looks really good. I also liked how you varied the lighting. The little pieces of photos on the branches are also really cool. Oh, and the criss-cross fence--I love how the pictures don't exactly fit together with the others. It really made me think about what angle you were taking the picture that from that made it look like that.


Mrs. Webb said...

SO WONDERFUL. I love everything about the photo collage. I also agree with Jizelle's comment!