Sunday, April 10, 2011


So this week we experimented with lighting! It was fun, but VERY frustrating! I got SO mad at my camera, I even yelled at it "WHY AREN'T YOU A DSLR?!" when it kept ruining my shadows.... LOL. Yes, my lousy point and shoot got scolded more than once. Well, here are my pictures, I'll explain em as I go(:


:)Front Lighting(:

This is my picture for front lighting (obviously) and I consider it front lighting because the light is shining from the overhead light to the front of both the mirror and me. If the light hadn't been right onto the front of the mirror particularly, shadows would have distorted the image. To take this picture I set up the mirror and put my camera at the angle I wanted, set the timer, and ran to where I would be reflected. I was lucky with this one and didn't have to play with the lights themselves, so YAY for front lighting ;)


:)Hard Lighting(:

So, this was the one that had me screaming and cursing my camera to the feiry depths of somewhere. Everytime I got the shadows how I wanted them, my dumb point and shoot would SUCK in all the light it could making everything orange and destroying my shadows -_- I was so mad. Like, so mad my phone exploded (really... LOL). Finally, while I was playing a game with my dad and brother and searching my cam for the nonexistent aperture settings, I found the "exposure meter", which, much to my pleasure, allowed me to adjust how much my light my camera let in. IT WAS A GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS! LOL and so, once I had that set to the lowest possible setting (-2.0), I sat in a room with no lights except a lamp, and took pictures with the lamp shining on my face.

That was probably the best one, but here's another one that I did which shows hard lighting very well also (taken in a mirror) ***

:)Side Lighting(:

For this picture I went into a dark bathroom, and turned off all the lights except for one small lamp to the side of me. Then I set the timer for a few seconds and took this picture. The light was on the left of me--well, right for how you're looking at it in the picture. You can tell by the varying shadows and difference in the lighting from the right and left sides. However, to make sure I kept the shadows I had to play with the exposure meter (just as I did on Hard Lighting), and I had to put it at -2.0. So glad I found that on the camera LOL This one is of my little brother, Daniel. We went out to a small playground behind my Gramparents house around dusk. The way the light is shining on him it was coming from the side, so I considered this side lighting and decided to throw it in with my other one.


:)Back Lighting(:

Once again, I thank the Heavens for that exposure meter! When taking my backlighting picture, I was able to turn the exposure up and wash the background out, creating it so it's just my subject (roses from my Gramma's funeral that I dried).


:)Soft Lighting(:

So for this picture, I went outside. It was overcast, so the light that was coming down was really soft and was not creating a lot of shadows, which was perfect for soft lighting. I turned my camera onto portrait mode, turned the flash off, and left the exposure meter at 0. Then, SNAP, here's my pic (okay, I admit, it wasnt the first one I took. I'm not that good of a photogapher LOL)


:)Dawn/Dusk Lighting(:

This is--once again--my little brother Daniel. This was during dusk, and I had him go look out at the sunset while I took this. Everything is kind of sillouetted because of the way the sun was positioned, and the angle I took the picture at.***

:)Mid-Day Lighting(:

This one was difficult to take, because it was overcast outside. However, I did the best I could. If you look closely you can see there are small shadows pointing downwards, but they aren't noticeable the way they should be =\ Which sucks cuz, I'm sure that was the point with mid-day lighting. So, here's my bad pic of that:


This one is of my brother Daniel, and I think it is Hard Back Lighting, possibly even Side Lighting. I just thought it was a cool combination of several aspects, and wanted to include it(:

So there are my pictures! This assignment was fun, adventureous, stressful, trying, and definitely pushed me to discover things I hadn't known/tried before. I kinda loved it! (Cept when I got so stressed over my stupid point and shoot I was in tears LOL)

BTW - I hate that I had to use myself for these pics, I swear I'm not conceited. I'm in Montana, so I don't have any friends around to pose for me. I barely got my brother to let me take those pictures of him, so I resorted to using myself. Even if I don't like my face LOL

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Jizelle Jade said...

MMMM RACHEL. SO SEXY rofl and i'm not just talking about the pics ;)

ANYWAY let us get on with the show
great job with the pics! nothing else you could have improved on. I would have to say my favorites are your hard lighting ones (those are definitely some hard lightz lawl) the side lighting of daniel... cuz that one is lke, really good. I like the shadows on his face. the back lighting one is AMAZING, especially cuz you managed to blow out the background so it looks really simple and pretty. n i also like the soft lighting one and O the dusk-dawn thing is REALLY cool. it actually looks like a silhouette so you could like, even count that for back lighting i think. oh and the mid-day lighting. man. ur brother's sexy-- DON'T KILL ME