Monday, April 4, 2011

:)Lighting... Camera... ACTION!(:

So our latest assignment in DP was to take pictures (I KNOW! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ANOTHER PICTURE TAKING ONE XD).... okay that sentence doesnt work with what I'm going to say. I just wanted to say we gotta take pictures ;) LOL well anyways we learned about action shot photography and our assignment was to take our own action pictures. So, here are my 10 action pictures (which I admit are not very good.... In my defense I've been to three states in the last two weeks, one of them twice, along with getting sick I've had a hard time getting action pictures). So uhm.... TRY to enjoy at least? LOL...

So this is my little brother, Daniel, in the swimming pool in my sister's apartment in Minnesota.

A random dog in Montana... I have no idea who it belonged to. LOL (note the mud trail its spraying behind it... gross huh? Just thought I'd share)

A kayaker in Missoula, Montana. They have a wave there in the Clark Fork river that is apparently a wave kayakers come from all over to kayak in. (How many times did I say kayak?...seemed like a lot more than it was LOL)

My little cousin, Peyton, throwing a rock into the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana. I laugh at my friends reaction to this "all I can think is, 'YOUR THROW SUCKS'". Hehe ;)

My sister gave me this necklace for my birthday, and I thought it would be really cool if I could get a picture of it falling. I took SO MANY of these pictures, however I thought this one showed the action the best, although others looked prettier/ So ya(:

Okay, you may be looking at this picture and wondering how the heck it's an action photo. Well, look closer, in the middle. See the bee flying around? Yeah, I think that's action captured. After all, isn't flying action? =P (Btw I love this picture, I think it's so pretty... idk why. It may be the fact that I managed to get the only blue sky visible and make the day look sunny and Springy, when really it was cold and overcast)

I took this picture out of the window of our moving car, and I thought it was cool (idk if it would be an action picture though... That's why there are 11 pictures on here ;)

These are the flags at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley (Utah, btw ;), and in my opinion since they are flapping about in the wind, this would be an action shot.

This picture was taken in Idaho, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Idk where exactly. The snow was melting off of the roof, and there was like this wall of water dripping down the side of the building. I thought it was really cool, and I tried to get it in this picture

This is a part of the Salmon River in Montana

Another part of the Salmon River. I thought that this was really cool because the water was flowing in about 3 directions around that island of ice. It was, in a way, circiling around it, however it looked like it was 3 completely different currents. I had never seen that in a river before(:

I tried a lot of different techniques for these pictures. As I am unfortunate and do not have a DSLR, only a simple Point and Shoot, I was unable to play with the shutter speed (which bugged me the ENTIRE time, I so wanted to take magical water pictures!) so I had to make due with the set shutter speed. I tried taking one with the firework setting, which has the slower shutter speed, however that didn't work. The picture came out WAY too overexposed, completely white! For other pictures I tried to move my camera while the subject did, and with some pictures it worked, and others it didnt. The picture of the necklace that technique worked great on, however the bees buzzing around our trees don't like their picture taken that why; they come out blurry as well. With most of these pictures I found the best technique was to set my camera to the Scene Auto Selector, which would measure the amount of lighting and select the setting appropriate for that specific one; however I generally wound up just setting it back on my "close up setting". Doing this, I would hold my camera steady and take my picture. Lucky for me (in some aspects) I have a fast shutter speed. I have always pushed the button down halfway to focus, because if I don't the picture is either out of focus or it takes to long to take. SO that is what I did while taking these notsogood pictures while darting all over the country ;)

AND there are my action shots, and please forgive me for their suckishness.... please?


Jkyle said...

I LOVED your action photo's!!! I thought the one of the water dripping off the building was super cool! Then the blossoming tree with the bee flying around was really pretty! Then I like the necklace falling picture. Wow, for traveling across three states, you sure did an awesome job on these action photo's!!

Mrs. Webb said...

Great work Rachel. Your photos are fantastic and I love how you tried a bunch of new things!

Abad said...

What the FERGIE, Rachel! You and your, "I have no talent" MY FOOT =P These are absolutely fantabulous! I simply ADORE the falling necklace one! I love how the chain beautifully leads the eye up to the heart, which is perfectly in focus. Oh and your blossom picture with the bee looks like something you'd find on a postcard -- the colors are that brilliant and just..perfect! Gimme somma your skeels, girl!