Saturday, May 14, 2011

:)Abad Model(:

Now, despite what you may think from my title, I did NOT have a bad model ;) My model was my BFF Abagael Dalton, also known (TO ME AND ME ONLY -glare- ;) as Abad! She spent the weekend with me, so on Saturday we spent the day being girly and doing each others hair and such, then my dad drove us to Stansbury Lake and we took portraits at dusk! I had SO much fun, and since I had such a fantastic model, I couldn't pick just five favorites, so here are my best from the shoot (almost all of them ;) SO, enjoy!(:

My favorite part of this image is the framing! That one branch is very obvious framing, the way it curves around her neck/head to draw your attention to her face. I think the leaves in the background add to the picture, because they are constant and aren't distraction, and Aba's head disrupting their pattern helps to draw your attention to her.

What I love about this image is the lighting! The sun was setting so the light was golden, so I took Aba and positioned her where the light would be hitting her from behind to create shadows and her face and allow her hair to take fire. I love how it draws your attention to her hair, which is a gorgeous part of her! It really helps to accentuate the natural beauty of it.

For this image, we were walking around and I saw this tree which had the light hitting it, soft and golden, and I thought it would be a fantastic portrait! So I told Aba to go stand against the trunk and she put her hand up on it like that, so to me it looks more natural because she posed by herself. The branches were hanging like a Willow, and I didn't like the way the shadows were hitting her face, so I had my little sister Hanna come and hold them, so that there were shadows over every part of her face except her right eye. I like it because it helps to draw your attention to that eye.

I love the soft, golden look in this image! I think it helps to bring out the red in her hair! Her expression in this is adorable to me, so playful and so Aba! (BTW, her hand was like that because the wind was blowing so she was holding her hair back, I saw it and I thought it was adorable and perfect for a picture, so I made sure to capture that) The blurred background also helps add a feel to the image, but your eyes are drawn to Aba because she's in focus, making it a good portrait.

I was really pleased with how this image came out! I loved the way these leaves were falling, and the way the light was positioned, so I had Aba stand in these leaves and look out over the water, into the light. I love the hard lighting, how it makes the front of her illuminate but not the back of her; to me it gives the impression of hope. She's looking over the water into the light, looking for hope and happiness, leaving the darkness behind her.

The lighting in this one is kinda harsh/hard, but I think it works for the picture. She's looking into the light ;) What I love about this is her eyes and hair really pop, drawing your attention in.

I absolutely LOVE this one! I don't know why, but to me it has a really classic feel, she looks so stunning, and the black and white really draws out the soft lighting and makes it much more delicate.

My favorite part of this one is her expression, she looks so happy and Aba-like! The soft lighting makes everything really even, so that there are no harsh shadows to draw attention away.

This one makes me smile... because I know the reason behind her "I'M TRYING TO KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE BUT I CAN'T HELP SMILING *blush*" face. I like the framing in this image, the two split branches really draw attention to her shy "I don't care about what you're saying to me" face ;)

This one is probably one of my favorites! When I took it, it was nearly dark, so I got a flashlight and made it shine on her face. I love how her eyes really pop--they were even more obvious in the color version, but she had a sunburn she wanted me to hide, so the black and white is the way we went. But with the black and white I feel it has a more Classic/Marilyn Monroe feel to it. Aba's a freakin sexy beast ;) Seriously, this picture is SMOKIN SEXY!


Mrs. Webb said...

You did have a fantastic model. I love the ones with the sun setting in the background. You also tried a bunch of different poses and camera angles which is crucial in getting good portrait shots. Fantastic work Rachel.

Jizelle Jade said...

great work, rachel. i love how you tried so many different ways of taking pics. it's so freakin creative. i also have to say that you did a great job of making the subject look flattering (as if she wasnt already flattering, sexy aba) and capturing her personality. i can just taste the abaness by looking at these pictures.

the composition of these pictures are beautiful (awesome framing) and i LOVE the sunsetnessness.. ness.