Monday, May 9, 2011

:)Rainy Day Blues(:

So this past week my good friend Jizelle Jurquina and I had been trying to arrange a day to get together to take photos for our assignments, and unfortunately TODAY was the only day we could get together. So, we got all excited and drove to Downtown Salt Lake City to meet up, and guess what.... IT WAS RAINING! AH D: But, we were determined to get these images for our photography class: Architectural photographs depicting framing, lines, pattern, and texture.

This week I looked up the definition of architecture, just to make sure that it would not just be buildings. A few of the definitions I found are: buildings or structures collectively and the structure or design of anything. So to me, that meant anything man made that stays in one place. That could include sidewalks, walls, fences, anything of that sort, in my interpretation. So, walking around Downtown (after FINALLY finding a parking space!) we were heading to a seriously cool Mid-Evil looking Cathedral, and happened upon another really cool building, with bricks and rocks sticking OUT of the walls. So, in the pouring rain we took our pictures.

The end result for me was a TON of horrible pictures; I'm really disappointed in myself, I believe I could have done better, and should have done better; and a coat you could pour yourself a drink from. Well, here are the best of my worst images according to my strange brain... there are more than two because I couldn't pick the ones I thought sucked the least....


So this image is framed--literally--by the door frame. My favorite part of this image is the contrast of the white framing vs the brown wood of the door; you go from something cold and hard to something that looks so warm and inviting, which I love for the door. It just makes you want to go through the door.

The focus of this image is on the bottom right section of the image, the bars over the window. I think that the leaves of this bush really help to frame it, and making it black at white made them dull enough that they did not draw all the attention. I really like the framing in this image because the only part of the image that is really different is the bottom right corner with the bars, drawing your eyes there and making it stand out.


This image is my FAVORITE line picture! I love the silhouette of the building with the lines all leading to it. There are no distracting details to take away from the image, just the lines and the outline of the building. Taking this image was actually really rather simple, it was already overcast so there wasn't any bright light, I lowered my exposure meter, and then upped the contrast when I got home. That was all I had to do.

This image isn't my favorite (as is the story of this blog post) but I think it shows line very well. The railing is the subject of the image, and it IS made of line. Without the lines, this image wouldn't be what little it is.

I actually rather like this image, and not only is it line, but I think it could also be considered framing. I put it as line because line is the most prominent part of this image, but it is also framing because the tree frames the Cathedral.

The mood of this image was described by me and Jizelle as "Beauty and the Beast, when Gaston is coming to kill Beast that night." Yes, it's confusing, but it makes sense to us ;) This image can also be considered framing, because the two towers create a frame around the center of the Cathedral, however I feel that line is the most important part of this picture.


This image could count as line also, but I felt it was a good example of pattern because of the repeating lines in the fence.

This is a good example of pattern because the orange bricks continue on and on, and you cant see where the pattern begins or the pattern ends. (Btw, can you see the splashing raindrop?)

This picture is a good example of pattern, for several reasons, because there are several patterns in this image. First there is the obvious pattern on the stairs, then there's the pattern of the blocks beside the stairs, and then there's the pattern of the bars that form the railing. If you look closely, you can even find more patterns within the bricks/cement them/itself.

This picture is also a fantastic example of line, however I felt it worked very well in patterns, because the walkway looks like it goes on forever, you can't see the beginning or the end, you can't tell where the blocks within the pathway stop. I think this is a very simple pattern, but a pattern nonetheless.


This building had the coolest exterior, it had random bricks and rocks sticking out of it. This is a good example of texture because you can see all of the different rocks, and you can see how it would feel to run your hand over them.

In the courtyard of that building I just mentioned there was this cute little fountain/waterfall thingy, so I took several pictures of that. I think this one can count as texture because you can see how the bricks that are in focus would feel, how when you run your hand over it there would be the dips in between each brick.

This was some moss on the bricks beside the fountain, and this picture fascinates me because I never thought moss would look FLUFFY! But this is a good example of texture because you can see how it would feel to touch everything, the rough bricks and the soft, gooshy moss.

This is another of the fountain thingy, and I think it is a good example of texture because you can FEEL the picture by looking at it.

This image is also a fantastic example of framing, as well as texture. You can see how the sawdust stuff would feel, and how it would squish in your fingers because the rain made it all wet, and you can feel how the bricks out be flat but rough.

I took this image by a door going into the Cathedral (you can see the blurred handle in the back) and it' s a great example of texture because you can feel how rough that wall would be to the touch.

As we were walking back to the cars when we were to the point of falling down screaming "I'M MELTING, I'M MELTING!" I saw a building with a bunch of moss at the base of it, so I yelled that I was gonna be a bit longer, sloshed over, and took this picture. I think it's a great example of texture because you can tell just by looking at it how different each surface would feel, the difference of the driveway, the moss, and the wall would all feel from each other.

SO there are my pictures, and I know they aren't that great and I'm so sad that I didn't do better. But hey, just to illustrate our adventure a bit more, here are some pictures for the heck of it....

I'm such a stalker, she didn't know I took this ;) You can actually see the picture she was taking on her blog...

When we were sick of being wet and heading back to the cars...

Me no look good but me no care right now. You can't see how wet I was cuz my clothes are dark, but I was SOAKED.

In the car I took my shoes off and took this pic... my pants are completely wet, but the REALLY dark spots were where they were SOAKING.

You can't see it well here, but my dress/shirt was SOAKING, it's never this dark or see through.

PS - Sorry that some of the pictures have blurry spots on em, it was a CONSTANT war with the rain to stay OFF my lens -_- UGH

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Mrs. Webb said...

I am so sorry you got rained out. I love the slick/wet look of the tiles with the bright reflective light on them.