Monday, February 13, 2012

What Photography Means to Me

I haven't really been in photography that long, only for about a year or so, but that year has been amazing! It all started out really simple--I signed up for a digital photography class because it seemed like fun. I didn't really know what it would end up meaning to me... At the beginning I would put off assignments until the last couple days, I wouldn't put that much thought into them, and I would basically snap and go. Looking back on my first pictures is almost like a horror movie, but I also love doing it, because I get to see where I've been.... where I am now, and I'm so proud of myself!

I can't really pin point exactly when I realized that photography is what I loved and wanted to do, it kind of happened slowly... I just know that I started noticing photography was a break for me, it released me from the stress that is my life, it made me happy! Eventually I realized I no longer wanted to be a lawyer (I know, complete turn around, huh?!) and that I wanted to be a photographer...

Over this past year, that love has grown so much, but especially for the past several months. I've been dealing with personal issues, that are quite honestly the hardest things I've ever gone through... I'm still trying to figure out how to get my life back in order. With so many things going wrong, there haven't been many things/people I can count on, that I can trust... Through it all, photography has been the only sure thing for me. I know that when I'm upset that if I pick up a camera, I will calm down and forget all my troubles for a while... I love to edit pictures, because I can step back from the problems in my life that I can't fix, and focus on something I can fix. 

Photography gives me self worth, it brings me happiness. I know that my camera will never run out on me because I'm so overwhelmed, it will never betray me. Photography/editing has given me something to count on, something to make me happy, something that I can trust. That is why I love it so much....

Photography is my life

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Sophia said...

Rachel, you've improved so much! You've said a few times that you wanted to be inspirational.. I think you are! The amount you've improved in a short amount of time and your positive attitude. :) I love seeing your posts and your growth.