Thursday, April 19, 2012

Send Something Good!

Oh my gosh I'm so so excited! As soon as I signed up for the Send Something Good project I've barely been able to contain my excitement! I'm LDS (more commonly known as Mormon) so each summer the Young Women attend a girls camp. We're all assigned a secret sister each year, but this is much more exciting! Exotic, mysterious, PLUS, it comes in the mail! Who doesn't love getting a package?! Anyways, I'm here to post a little about myself :)

I adore accessories! I love love LOOOVE hats, belts, jewelry, hair things, all that pretty stuff! But because I never have a lot of spending money, I don't really have any.
I can never get enough of music! I love it! I'm all into pop, rock, R&B, all that stuff! I like pretty much everything but rap--EW! Rap is NOT music! The only time it's acceptable is when it's slipped into another song, and it's not in there a lot.
Movies, movies, tv shows, movies! YAY! Love them! I just love NCIS, The Vampire Diaries, The Middle, Jane by Design, Bones, and tons more. I can't even start to list the movies I love, because there's seriously WAY too many!
Lately, I'm loving the color aqua, I don't know why! Oh and feather earrings. I need some. Love em! LOL!
I love summer dresses, and I don't really have any. I look at them sometimes just because--I love me my jeans, but I also love dresses! I'm a girl of many contradictions :)
HUNGER GAMES. Simply put :)
I love love LOVE my hair! Several years ago it was cut off, above my ear, and as of last night it's 16 inches long. I LOVE IT! It's my natural color again, and I don't have any extensions. I'm proud of it, and I'm not cutting it short again!
I don't wear glasses, and I've never had braces
MY KNEES SUCK! They've both dislocated, and I've had to have surgery on both
I.... don't know what else to say. I feel like I'm just giving out pointless facts now o.o LOL! So, there we go :)


Tracy Jensen said...

YOU are adorable. I am also LDS. YOU love most things I do. WE should be friends.

Dear Life From A Mom of Boys

Rachel said...

Awwwe that's so so sweet of you!!! I agree! We should!!!! :)

Kristy Lynn said...

ouch. i have knee problems too (arthritis)... i can empathize.

Glad you're participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

Jes said...

yikes about the knees!
glad you linked up :)
x jes,

Gentri said...

Aw knee problems are the worst. :( I'm sorry!
I hope you get a ton of hair accessories from your secret blogger! :D

bonbon said...

I just found your blog through the do something good link up and am just getting around to commenting! Loved getting to know you a little more- and what good memories you brought back of secret sister at girls camp! One year I got my real sister and I felt totally jipped. HA! Funny.

new follower :)