Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live.Laugh.L0ve: Review

As we all know... I love giveaways. But I also love meeting new people, talking to them, and just making new friends. That's what happened with Cassie over at Live.Laugh.L0ve! I won an ad space on her blog (several times now, hehee) and over time we've gotten to know each other. That mostly happened when one day she emailed me about something, and in it she asked how I was. 

 Honestly, I've always hated that question, because people never truly want an answer. When they ask how you are, if you aren't good they get upset when you tell them that. In fact, when I was little I really really thought you weren't ever supposed to say you weren't doing good.

There have been several people that have showed me that isn't true, and Cassie is one of them. Over email, I could feel that she was truly, honestly asking. I know she was inspired to ask me, because I was having a terrible day. I was feeling crappy about myself and my life, I wanted to cry and scream at everything. Even though I didn't tell her that, she still said things that helped me so much. She is truly an incredible person!

Well a little while later, I won a free personalized print from her! When I saw that, I seriously laughed and did an internal dance. I knew exactly what I wanted.... And I asked for it.

I asked if she could make one that she thought represented me, and without any direction from me whatsoever, she created this...

I love it! It is pretty much me on paper. Not all of me of course, but a lot of me. And of course, you have no idea how good it made me feel that she created this to describe me. 

Cassie is so talented! You really need to follow her blog, visit her shop, The Spontaneous Designer, and just get to know her. you won't regret it one bit!

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