Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guest Post {and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson}

I'm so happy to introduce today's guest poster to you guys! Megan is such an amazing lady, I've adored her in every way ever since the first time we spoke. You can just feel her amazing spirit, and you know she has a kind heart!!! She's a full time mother, blogger, wife, and even helps with other businesses, yet she always somehow finds the time to respond to my silly emails with questions. She's never gotten upset at me for coming to her for help, nor has she ever made me feel bad for doing so! She's just wonderful, and I encourage each and every one of you to head over to her blog after reading this post and see what else she has to say -- you won't regret it!

I'm excited to be posting on Rachel's blog today!
I met Rachel when she won an ad giveaway on my blog & I have loved her ever since!
She is INCREDIBLY and AMAZINGLY talented even at such a young age, it just blows my mind!
And not only is she talented behind the camera, but she is a talented writer as well.
I feel so privileged to know her and be able to work with her and even more honored to share her blog today.

I guess I should introduce myself.... :)

My name is Megan Robinson and I blog over at {And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson}.
I love to have a place where I can go to express my thoughts, share my stories, and hopefully inspire and uplift other women. I like to talk about womanhood, motherhood, marriage, and everything in between! I believe that through blogging we can create a strong community of women that can support one another through the good and the bad.

 I was asked me recently how I got started writing. And to be quite honest, the answer has truly eluded me.The only way I can honestly reply is,“I just did.”

 For years I had a dream to write for women, couples, and families.It took me 6 years, 3 different majors, a husband, and a baby later to finally find my voice. And it will probably take longer still to truly be confident with it. [But I’ll get there].
I don’t have any professional writing background unless you count hundreds of term papers and articles I wrote throughout my college career. But I knew I wanted to be a writer. 

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One day, I was talking to my husband {then boyfriend} and told him what I hoped to do with my life when I graduated college. He supported my goals and even influenced me to choose the degree I ended up graduating in. He even said to me,“Why don’t you use your (then silly, personal) blog to reach out to others?”
I thought about that for years. It’s hard finding opportunities to share your voice without having to climb some kind of corporate ladder first. So I just patiently waited for an opportunity to arise and I would pounce on it right away.
The problem was, my dream job didn’t just show up! 
I didn’t just find a website one day that said
LOOKING FOR INSPIRATIONAL WRITERS, APPLY TODAY! Though that would’ve been amazing, it’s not realistic.
 Instead, the opportunity came when I started to feel deep, dark emotions after having my son that I couldn’t keep quiet about anymore.
My depression hit me like a railroad train and keeping quiet about it made it all too difficult to bear.
So I wrote. 
I wrote and wrote and wrote…

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I wrote about my happiness.
I wrote about my fears.
I wrote about my struggles.
I wrote about my frustrations.
I wrote about the sweetest experiences that I hold dear to my heart.
When I started really getting into blogging [I've had my blog for about 4 years prior], I made a promise to myself and my {50 readers} that I would be real & genuine. I didn't want to just talk about the good things in my life, but I promised to talk about my struggles as well.
And I was. I opened my heart to the {blogging} world and from there gave myself the title as writer.
I have since had some amazing opportunities to work with as a freelance blogger sharing my experiences on marriage and giving advice & encouragement to other couples.
I have also been working with Ashley from After Nine to Five as her virtual assistant helping her follow her own dreams and by association mine as well.
 I am not confident in a lot of things in my life.
Sometimes I’m not all that confident in my own platform. 
But one of the things I’m most confident about is writing.
When you are truly doing the things that you love,
great things are bound to follow.
You just have to go for it! 

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Isn't she incredible? This post made me want to cry, but at the same time it gave me hope. She's so inspirational, and I'm so honored to have her as a friend!!


Elisha(: said...

I loooveee the pictures!!(:


Megan said...

I don't know how I didn't see this... I'm so behind. But you are so So sweet!!! Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my post. I'm so glad we met and are friends too! thank you for always supporting me :)