Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jewelry in July - Update

Oh my goodness you guys, you are going to have your butts spoiled in July!!! I have so many amazing people signing up!!!! If you're interested (and really guys, this is all about the jewelers! You're so so so talented and I want to get you out there! This is a fabulous way to get your name out there!!!) I still have a lot of spots left--but hurry because they're filling up quickly!!! :)

So far the following dates are "booked"...
And I have several people deciding which day they want. It is first come first serve, to get the best pick in days email me ASAP!! :) I'm so so excited for this!!!

Also, I have a question for you guys....
I had someone email me who makes headbands. I was thinking about maybe doing something on that in August, but only if I have enough people interested. So my question is, do you make accessories, and would you like to be featured in August?

You guys are amazing!!!! Don't forget to spread the word :)

Jewelry in July
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