Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I Wore on Sunday! (+ major savings in my shop!)

I am in *love* with this outfit. No joke! I would wear it every day if at all possible!!!

At church:

After church:

Shirt - Borrowed from my friend that is visiting. Oh how I wish it was mine!!!
Skirt - DownEast Basics outlet $7
Jeans - Maurice's around $15

Ring - Necks to Nature $12
Necklace - Borrowed from said friend....again I wish it was mine!
Feather Earrings - Etsy, I don't remember what shop

My friend french braided it the day before after I showered, then all we did was take it out and put in a few loose braids for church! Afterward church I pulled it over to one side and put it in a really sloppy, big braid -- super easy, and way cute!

P.S. I have a special "grab bag" action set in my shop, only available for {less than} a week!!!
Get all of these actions for only $20! If you bought each of them separately, the price would be over $140 easily! Don't miss out!


Anonymous said...

That shirt is seriously awesome :) I love both outfits, particularly the colour of your skirt!

Say x

Elisha(: said...

oh my goodness!! THAT SKIRT I WANT!! SO BAD!!!