Friday, July 6, 2012

Jewelry in July - Treena Bean

Do you guys remember that amazingly gorgeous bangle I reviewed not that long ago?? You know, this gorgeous one?
Well today for Jewelry in July I have Abbi from Teena Bean here today!!! Aren't you just so so excited?? YAY!

{Psst. When she says she's Rachel's daughter, she's NOT talking about me! Hahaha!}
Hello all you lovely Hidden Beauty Photography readers, I'm so glad that I've gotten the chance to tell you about our shop Treena Bean! I'm Abbigayle from True Blue Abbi. I'm Rachel's daughter and I help her run Treena Bean. My little sister Shye Anne also helps with things! 

Treena Bean is an online accessory shop with things such as Jeweled Hair Clips, Vintage Necklaces, Bangles, Rings, Earrings, Headwraps, Flower Hair Clips, Hair Bows, Flower Headbands, Crochet Hats, and Swim Diapers. We love all of our unique products and want to put them at an affordable price for all the budget friendly fashionistas out there! We're always adding new things to the shop so check in often for the greatest deals.

We have an Amazon store, but we wanted to start up a Treena Bean Website. On our website there's free shipping and every accessory is $1-3 cheaper than our Amazon store! 

My mom and I typed up some descriptions of each of the products so all of you wonderful people can truly know what you're spending your money on. Here's a bit about our shopper's favorite; the Jeweled Hair Clips

Treena Bean’s Jeweled Hair Clips have a Vintage Antiqued Brass design. Each Jeweled Hair Clip has a strong hinge and metal teeth which create a firm hold to secure even thick hair in place and measure five inches in length. Our Jeweled Hair Clips are made with Rhinestones and Beveled Resin Stones and they are ideal for Wedding Events, Prom and Every Day Use. Each Unique Color and Design of our Jeweled Hair Clips is stunning and you won’t be able to choose a favorite. I have one in each color and style so I can match with any outfit.

Here's a little bit about our Flower Hair Clips, Hair Bows, and Flower Headbands!

Treena Bean’s Flower Headbands come in different collections or sets so you can get more for your money but they are individually packaged so you can keep some for yourself and give others away as gifts!  The Flowers on our Treena Bean Flower Headbands measure 2 inches on our small Baby Basic Collection and 4  inches wide on our other Collections and they are intricately layered and dyed for a unique look and are adorned with a crystal in the center for some extra bling. Each collection has four to eight Flower Headbands in them and they Retail for $7.99-$9.99 individually so our packages are a great deal. You can mix and match colors and styles for hundreds of great combinations....always have something to match that perfect outfit! Our Flower Headbands are great for interchangeable looks. Wear for a flower headband as shown or add the flower to our Crochet hats or wear it alone as a flower hairclip. Cute for all ages! Perfect for spring photos, birthdays, hair styles, baby gifts and more!

Treena Bean’s Boutique Hair Bows come in Adorable Sets to save you money. These gorgeous Hair Bows retail separately at $3.49 each for our small 2.5 inch bows and $6.99-$8.99 each for our 4 inch Polka Dot and Animal Print Hair Bows, so shop Treena Bean’s Hair Bows and see how much you can save. Treena Bean’s Hair Bow Sets come in different prints such as solid, polka dot, and animal print designs. You are sure to find a Hair Bow to match any outfit or occasion. These beautiful Hair Bows are great for babies, toddlers, young girls, and teenagers. You can clip them on pigtails or add them to our headbands and crochet hats for many different looks.

Treena Bean’s Flower Hair Clips are beautiful and very trendy.  Our Flower Hair Clips are so versatile as some of our flower hair clips come with clips and pins on back so you can wear them in your hair or pin them to a bag or a sweater for many different looks.  Some of our Flower Hair Clips have rhinestones sewn into the middle for a bit of sparkle. These look especially good on our Crochet Hats on little girls and babies. You can also pair them with our headbands for baby girls and yet they can also be worn in a beautiful French twist in your hair. The possibilities are endless. I like to wear the Romance Collection and Night Out Collection on sweaters or attach them to necklaces for a fun look. 

Now here's a bit about our Rings! They're one of my personal favorite things in our shop.

Treena Bean’s Rings are quirky and unique. Each of our rings is very affordable, so you can get as many as you like. The Rings come in different sizes and shapes. We have ring sets so you can wear many delicate rings together or bold and chunky rings to wear alone. Some of our rings are Double-finger Rings and are adjustable silver tarnished crosses or black glossy mustaches. Treena Bean rings can be gold or silver, tarnished or shiny. There are many with or without rhinestones, and hand carved. So take a look and choose one of our many affordable Treena Bean Rings.

Lastly, I thought I'd share a bit about our Vintage Necklaces and Bangles.

Treena Bean’s Vintage Necklaces have a fun, retro, vintage, or antique feel to each individual piece. Some of our Vintage Necklaces are longer and multi-chained, while others have lots of charms on them. A few of our Vintage Necklaces are Pocket Watches, so you can have a fun, multi-purpose fashion piece. Treena Bean’s Vintage Necklaces are high quality fashion jewelry at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy them. We have a piece to fit every personality and taste so take a look and choose your favorite.

Treena Bean’s Bangles are very Unique, Stylish and Affordable. Each of our Bangles has a look all their own and all the styles vary. Some of the Bangles have Jeweled Roses with colored crystals while others have a more Retro knotted and hammered look.  Some are Chunky and thick while others are thin and delicate. We also have Bangle Sets with many individual bangles, some solid metal and others roped, braided or twisted in colors of silver or brass metal, shiny or tarnished with baubles and still others have charms to spice up an outfit, pearls and lace so you can mix and match to your hearts content. 

I hope you guys know a bit more about our shop Treena Bean now! Feel free to stop by our blog, Facebook page, or Twitter anytime and say hello.

Enjoy our giveaway! One of you luckies will get the chance to win any piece of your choice from our shop
Not gonna lie.... I really want to enter. I have a long list of items I want from their shop!
Jewelry in July - Hidden Beauty Photography
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ShiAnne Dansie said...

Sorry for the blond moment, what would I do without you?
Anyhow, Pink Crystal Bangle, for the silly silly girl. And oh I entered Pure trinkets. Who doesn't love trinkets?

kluckingbear said...

I just love that retro Spider necklace--OMG!!!!

kluckingbear said...

I entered the Adie's Lovelies GA! Thanks!

angela said...

the retro spider necklace... most def

angela said...

entered Jewelry in July - Morgan from Adie's Lovelies

Lynne said...

My favorite are the hair clips - especially the red one.

Ali Mills said...

I entered the Shay Designs giveaway as well!!

Ali Mills said...

Oh and I LOVE the Mockingjay necklace!! I pretty much need it!! It'll match my phone case ;)

Jessica Sebastian said...

Not jewelry related, but now that it's summer do you know how much I would love a reusable swim diaper for Elles?!

Carla G said...

I like the Brass Robot necklace! Very cute! :)

Carla G said...

I've entered for Pure Trinkets, Adie’s Lovelies, Solo Artworks, Enchanted Pixie, Femme Petal, Shay Designs. What fabulous giveaways! :)

Jessica Sebastian said...

I've entered several, including Living Out Loud.

Karrie S said...

I love the last cross necklace and the retro spider necklace and ANYthing owl

Karrie S said...

I've entered several including Sassy Lemonade and Busy Beedz

Lynne said...

I've entered Pure trinkets, Sassy Lemonade, Femme Petal, Shay Designs, Living OUt Loud, Solo Artworks, Enchanted Pixie and Vintage Rose....oh, and Adie's Lovelies