Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jewelry in July - Jessica from Sebastian Design

Today's featured jeweler is one of my close personal friends! Jessica from Jewelry by Sebastian Design!
I took some photos of her and her adorable daughter Ellie in exchange for some advertisement (this was right after I made my Facebook and was trying to jump into everything, so the fact that she trusted me enough to take these photos for her means so much!), and we've been close friends ever since!

When I was looking for a present for my sisters bridal shower, I went to her! Isn't this keychain just the cutest? The charms say...
"Since 2008" (when they started dating)
"5-10-12" (they're wedding date)
"Sabra" "Steve" "Ekins" (their names)
and the charms were my sisters wedding colors
Jessica took what I described and made it come to life! I loved it, and my sister did as well!! It's always on her keys now!

When I wanted to get my Dad something personal for Fathers Day, I went to her! She's just amazing!

But enough from me, here's the fabulous Jessica herself to tell you about her shop!
I've never really been one for mission statements.

But when my jewelry business really started to take off and I was having to make decisions about work, family, self, friends, church, and a million other things, my husband would ask me, "What are you trying to accomplish?" The truth is, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but no specific, concrete goals. So, I decided to do an exercise {not that I was going to keep it} and create a mission statement.

The result was amazing!

In writing down and visualizing what I wanted for myself and for my family, so many priorities suddenly fell into place. To anyone who is considering starting a business venture, I strongly recommend creating a mission statement that can guide you and direct your choices. It doesn't have to be complicated. For me, the more simple, the better. Mine is only a few lines long. 

The purpose and mission of Sebastian Design is to: 
-Create jewelry that is beautiful, affordable, and quality 
-Provide myself a creative outlet 
-Supplement the needs of my family 
-Donate a portion of profits to charity 
-Share the spirit and message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

It isn't much, but it has helped me immensely so many times. Any time a question arises and I'm not sure what to do, I turn to my mission statement and it helps guide me. I definitely feel every business owner should have one!

I have several of her pieces, and I adore them! This is my favorite that I own....
I just love love LOVE it!!!

Today Jessica is giving away this double bronze square necklace!
This beautiful custom necklace includes a double square hand stamped metal tag, your choice of charm, chain, and Swarovski. You can choose a quote, name, multiple names, or an initial; I never charge more number of characters stamped!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I've entered as many of these fabulous giveaways as I can. I entered Vintage Rose Jewelry and DondaLee's. :)

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