Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jewelry in July Winners!!!

Okay so I've been really busy lately, but I'm finally getting around to this! I'm sure you've all been waiting and going crazy with the suspense!!! WELL, here are the winners for all the giveaways, YAY!!! I've sent you all emails :)

Busy Beedz: Jessica Sebastian 
Shay Designs: Amy Bateman 
Living Out Loud Jewelry: Lynne Foster 
Sassy Lemonade: Sarah Chandler 
This Enchanted Pixie: Penny Hyde 
Vintage Rose Jewelry: Carla Geates 
Treena Bean: Tabitha Swain Klucking 
When Shutters Click: Karrie Smith 
Adie's Lovelies: Abbigayle Rashae 
FemmePetal: Mellissa Plowman 
Pure Trinkets: Jamie Brooke 
Jewelry by Sebastian Design: Ali Mills 
Solo Artworks: Jill Schlegel Snethen 
DondaLee's: Marty


Amanda said...

I have been trying to e-mail you! I'm ready to install your design!

Lynne said...

Thank you so much for all the work you did for this giveaway - I have chosen an absolutely gorgeous bracelet from Sally, that truthfully would not have been within my budget this summer. I intend to purchase something from her later as a thank you, and I want to eventually purchase from you as well. I just so appreciate the oppportunity to get something new and "a treat" in the midst of our current, shall we say, financial challenges. Thank you so much.

Bridgette Wensel said...

I am sad I missed your giveaway! I do love your blog though and can't wait to see more pictures. I am your newest follower! Yay!
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