Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad Photos

Yes, this weeks assignment was to take some examples of bad photos. Yeah, that's kinda fun. But my instincts still want to kick in and go, "No!" But, I still did it ;)

I took my brother outside to do these... He's quite the little archer. He's actually really good too! So I asked him to bring his bow and arrows, and we got our bad on. Whoo! Hehee

*     *     *

The first 'bad' photo I needed was one with an obvious merger... So I decided to give my brother antlers. Heh heh hehee.
Canon 10D, 50mm
1/600s -- f/3.5 -- ISO 100
The next example was to be where the entire image is out of focus.
Out of Focus
Canon 10D, 50mm
1/600s -- f/3.5 -- ISO 100
Out of Focus
Canon 10D, 50mm
1/4000s -- f/5 -- ISO 100
And then one with an 'accidental' motion blur.
Motion Blur
Canon 10D, 50mm
1/80s -- f/3.5 -- ISO 100
And then, an overexposed photo (warning: it kinda hurts your eyes).
Canon 10D, 50mm
1/320s -- f/3.2 -- ISO 100
Lastly, to underexpose a photo.
Canon 10D, 50mm
1/4000s, -- f/13 -- ISO 100
Now the question is... Can a 'bad' photo still be a good photo? Personally, I think this answer will vary from person to person, photograph to photograph, artist to artist, etc... Everyone has different tastes, and sometimes a photo is purposefully over/underexposed, blurred, or out of focus. I suppose it's all about the artists vision.
Honestly, one of my favorite things to do is to take bokeh images, bokeh is just beautiful!
For those of you who don't know what it is, that's what it's called when light is blurred and appears in shapes, like the lights on the tree in this photo I took of our Boston Terrier at Christmas:

One of the greatest things about art, is that there are no specific set rules. It's ever changing; one of the few things in the world that is freely open to interpretation. That's why, as photographers, we're encouraged to take risks, try new things. Don't follow the rules of composition all the time. Step outside of your comfort zone, and see what you find!

*     *     *
And, just because, here's a photo that I took of my brother while we were outside (It's not the best, I know. In my defense, right before I went to take a good photo of him, it started snowing horizontally. Yes, it was FREEZING!)


Sam said...

Great job on these "bad" photos! The out of focus ones are really great; the effect that is created from them being out of focus is something I really like. What you said about "bad" photos is definitely true. Some are going to turn out to be really great photos, while some are going to be low-quality.

ShiAnne Dansie said...

I am jealous of his bow. I haven't done this project yet, but yeah I'm jealous of his bow. LOL

Kathryn Fairbourn said...

I think my favorite photo of yours this week is definitely your second out of focus one. It is so intriguing because you really can't tell what it is and I love that! I think you did a great job! I can't say to recommend anything because I think you did a really good job at taking "bad" photos, if that doesn't sound weird enough... Haha. Nice job! :)

ShiAnne Dansie said...

Alright :) so I have to agree with everyone else here I love your out of focus photos. They're very abstract which I don't really see much of it from you.

Something to work on. Ugh this is difficult to think of . . . Um let's see some more abstract stuff! I know you love portraits so maybe push yourself and try something a little different.

Breck's Photography said...

I really like your out of focus picture, Good Job :)

Space Alias Photography said...

I actually really like your underexposed photo. It reminds me of those games on movies and stuff where you have to guess whose silhouette that is. :)I really like your out of focus pics too.

Mrs. Webb said...

I like what you have come up with for your out of focus images. I agree with your analysis about bad photos and think that it really is up to personal tastes and to what the artist was going for. I'd love to see you think of a way to make a purposeful merger that really enhanced the photo.

MItchel said...

Great job on the "bad photos". I also really liked what you said about how everyone's version of bad is different. The merger photo is very cool. The motion blur image I would have liked to see more motion in it but that's just me. Overall great pictures.
p.s. That bow is awesome.

Walstad Company Productions said...

I love all your pictures! I agree with everyone that your out of focus pictures are really different and cool looking. :) I also really like the motion blur picture. It's interesting how his hand is blurred in front of his face. Great job!