Monday, March 18, 2013

Food Photography

Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while -- you know those times when life just takes over and you kind of lose all control? Yeah, I've been having one of those times. But, I'm bouncing back!!

Have you ever thought/learned about food photography? If not, look it up. I'm serious, even if you're not a photographer, it is pretty fascinating! And it explains why the food you order never looks like it does in the menus ;) I never thought about how much work goes into food photography... it seems like it would be really straight forward, right? Wrong. Despite having Instagram convince everyone that they're a food photographer, food is not necessarily photogenic. Once you can understand the basics, it gets easier, but it's not something you can just snap a photo of and have it look delicious! Weird, right? I'm not even kidding, go look it up!

I don't know if this is something I could ever do professionally, but it was really fun to play around with it! I used my giant reflector I got for Christmas two years ago to help get the light I needed -- after I set myself up by a window in my house.
Here are my attempts, perhaps not Food Network worthy, but I feel like I captured the juicyness of the grapefruit/s! They've been a favorite of my Dad and Brother lately, so I tried to capture what our favorite way to eat them is: just sprinkled with sugar. I felt that these ones came out the best, because they displayed what I pictured in my head the best -- I tried to keep this shoot really clean and simple, but maybe in the future I'll go for a more rustic feel. I don't know what I'll try next, and that's what I love about photography!


Mrs. Webb said...

I love how these turned out! I love the crisp detail, the vivid color and texture of the grapefruit, the white background and the composition of these photos. Very nice.

Kathryn Grace Photography said...

Oh my goodness, yummy!! I don't even like grapefruit and I just want to eat them up when I look at your photos!:) I love the emphasis and texture along with the wonderful composition! Fantastic work! I know i'm supposed to get you something to work on.. but there is nothing you can work on! My favorite photo of this post is the third one from the top. Great photography!