Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lighting Experiment

I'm a little bit late getting this up, but here it is!
Last week for photography club our assignment was to experiment with lighting, to try something that we've never done before. SO, I wanted to shoot in pitch black. I went and got some candles and shot in the middle of the night -- some of these are outside, and some are inside. Both of them were shot with no light except for the candles, and a little bit coming from the moon. I'm actually really proud of how well I did, I haven't been able to shoot in the dark ever. I suppose that the next step in trying this out is to shoot with an actual model!
And, just to show you that I didn't do all the recovery in PhotoShop, here are the Before and Afters!
{ SOOC = Straight Out Of Camera }


ShiAnne Dansie said...

AND NOTHING WAS SET ON FIRE? lol no these are very pretty i like the very first one -- but i wonder what it would look like without the texture.

Mrs. Webb said...

I like how you pushed yourself and tried something new. Candles are a great idea, I've never tried those either! I really like the thorny rosebush candle one.

Dillon Nay said...

Your photos are very beautiful. They take me back to a different time period where all we had were candles to light are way. Very good job. I can't think of anything to give you tips on. Amazing.

Walstad Company Productions said...

All your photos bring such a feeling of mystery and in a way an interesting warmth. I love the composition of all your photos! Great job! :)

Sam said...

These are great, creepy photos. Candles are definitely a way to get the perfect lighting for a chilling effect because of their very soft, deep lighting. I feel like you didn't have to edit your photos as much as you did, but some of the edits, did increase the creepiness effect really well. Nice job!