Friday, April 6, 2012

Obsessions and Confessions

My name is Rachel Barbara Shearer, and I'm here to tell y'all a little about myself :)
I've been seeing a ton of posts with 7 truths, so I thought that I would join in--but put my own spin on it :) I'm going to share 5 truths and 5 obsessions of mine!

Truth number one: I've always sort of felt that people don't like me, especially boys. I have an idea as to why they might, but I don't know for sure. I make friends fairly easily, but I don't always keep them. But the wonderful thing about that, is that the ones I do keep are just amazing! I feel so blessed with everyone that has come into my life and stayed :)

Obsession number one: HATS.
Recently I grew an obsession with hats, especially vintage modern hats. I don't know why, but I seriously love them all of a sudden! One of my best friends calls me her Mad Hatter because of it :)

Truth number two: I'm very very self conscience about myself, my skin, my hands, pretty much everything. But, I have grown to love my hair and eyes! I have dyed my hair twice, once red and once black. I never used to find my hair pretty... but after my black hair dye grew out, I noticed something. My hair is really pretty! It's brunette, but it has natural blonde, red, black, different shades of brunette, and most everything! It took over a year of only one color in my hair to realize how much beauty my natural color had, and I have decided I'm never going to dye my hair again! (maybe when my hair goes gray though...)

Obsession number two: The Vampire Diaries. I quite honestly avoided watching it for so long, because I was like "what...? Nooo!" and I made fun of people who did watch it. But one night I was on Netflix, and found out it was on there. So I figured, eh why the heck not. And after one episode, I was officially hooked!

Truth number three: I love making things, but I'm not that good at it. I've got a ton of ideas in my head, for jewelry organizers, hair accessories, necklaces, everything but I'm not able to make them! It's very sad

Obsession number three: Victorian Dresses. Goodness, I just love love them! In fact, I want a custom designed wedding dress--Modern Victorian! Something about them is just so so gorgeous!

Truth number four: I laugh. All the time! I get really depressed, but most of the time I'm laughing, especially when I'm with my friends! Sometimes I actually think I annoy them I laugh so much!

Obsession number four: Hair! Hair hair hair! My sister cut my hair off a few years ago, and ever since I've been growing it out. After not being able to do anything with it for so long, I've grown an obsession with finding hew hairstyles and mastering them! And mostly, I'm obsessed with CURLY hair!! I just adore it so so much!

Truth number five: I'm scared of always being "the girl next door". I know it won't happen, but sometimes it feels like it will! I never doubt that things will eventually all come together when they're supposed to, but sometimes I do worry that it will take too long... or that the guy won't like me. Sadness!

Obsession number five: THE HUNGER GAMES! 'nuff said! 

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