Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm an Angel!

No joke on the title there. Can't you see my halo??

No I'm totally joking. No halo here! *waves hand around empty air above my head* BUT, I am a blog angel! Have y'all heard of them? We're like Charlie's Angels, but more awesome. Because instead of doing awesome ninja moves and attacking people, we're total ninjas and secretly help people. Yeah, it's pretty epic. hehehehee!!!

I'm loving this program so far! Really I am! I've always loved helping people, and this has introduced me to a new way of doing just that!

I've never been the best comment-maker-person, I may love posts and adore people, but I just forget to comment... because I'm totally lame like that Who knows why? But ever since I started blog angels, I've become much better! I not only comment on other blogs, but I've figured out I can reply to comments on my blog! (psst... are you a no-reply blogger?? Change that so that we can chat when you comment!)

It may be kind of time consuming, but it's so worth it! I never feel like I've wasted my time, and when I'm told how happy I made someone, I definitely feel like I've been spending my time wisely.

Every minute in our lives is precious, but if we spend it helping others, none will be wasted! Just some food for thought :)

psst. don't forget about this!
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Katlyn Larson said...

So glad you are having fun with Blog Angels and commenting more! :) Thank you for participating lovely! xo

Rosie said...

So glad that you have found a way to make a difference. I have loved connecting more with people and it's fantastic that you do too.

Hope you can join in August. Sign up from 15th July.

Rosie xx