Monday, October 1, 2012

Just a Quickie...

Hey all! I hope you guys are all doing fabulous :) I know I've been absent for a long, long while, so I just wanted to stop in real fast and rant to/inform you all!

I love to blog. I love to email. I love love LOVE photography. I love to Facebook. I love to chat. But right now, I'm not able too. I wish I was, but I'm simply not! Sometimes, I just want to tell everyone who talks to me that I'm still a 17 year old girl -- I'm a senior in high school, with loads of pressure and stress. More-so than a normal teenager.... A LOT more. I'm not saying I'm the only one with problems, but I'm saying that to me, they are life threatening; in so many ways.
I've been getting overwhelmed, and have been forced to re-prioritize my life. In doing so, I've missed things, forgotten things, and accidentally neglected things. If I've done this to you, I'm so sorry! I truly feel like I have Alzheimer's sometimes! 

Anyways, my point is, I love all of this and someday I'll have the time and energy to devote to it once again. But for now, I have school, family, and my future to worry about. I've got so much going on, and there are times I just cry and wonder why I can't be a teenager. Please, please forgive me for not being up to date with everything!! 

Thank you for understanding, and please know that I'm trying my hardest! Thank y'all for sticking around, even when I'm not able too.


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