Friday, February 15, 2013

Finding Home

This week in Advanced Photography our prompt was Home. Our wonderful teacher, Mrs. Ashley Webb, asked us to think about what home means to us; what makes a home? And this week, for the first time in the last 4 weeks I didn't have an idea right away! And you know what?
I loved it!
This topic was a challenge to me, it really made me step back and think! I went through so many ideas... And then suddenly I knew what I wanted to do.

I'm going to introduce you to one of my very best friends: Shana Gardner of Starlit Photography.
We actually met through Facebook, but we really only live about five minutes away from each other; she took some photos of one of my friends and that's how I was introduced to her.
Immediately, after having maybe two interactions with me, Shana treated me like we had always been best friends! She even emailed me when I hadn't been active on Facebook for a while, just to make sure I was okay. And when I wasn't, she truly wanted to help. We quickly became friends, and then after that I became friends with her family.
And I have to say it... Her family is the most loving family I have ever seen! Of course all families love each other, but I've never seen a family willing to express it the way that they are. Every day they not only tell each other how much they love each other, but they show it! They write each other love notes, give hugs and kisses all the time, and just make each other feel loved. It was truly amazing!
But beyond that... They took me in without a second thought and treated me like one of their family. There were a couple times I called Shana in tears asking for help, and she immediately made plans to get me up to her house to help me.

And that's what home is to me. Home is not just with the family you were born to. You don't have to have one set home... Home is wherever you feel love. And I know that many people say that, and it may seem overused, but it's true. Home is with my Daddy, my brothers and sisters. Home is with my best friends that are practically my family. Home is behind my camera. Home is in my bed. Home is where you can be yourself without fear, because you know that no one will judge you. Home is where you can feel happy, where you can relax and dry your tears. Home is where you love to be. To me, that is home.


abi_yager said...

This picture is amazing! You are such I talented photographer (i'm jealous! ;)) I love how you can just see the pure joy on their faces and I think it describes 'home' very well! :)

Megan Counter said...

I LOVE this Picture! its really just supper cute, and happy. I also like how you can see the faces, and the emotion on them, it really adds to the photo. I think your definition of home is really interesting as well. It is obvious that you didn't just go the generic way, but you really thought about what you were going to do and say. Great job!

Walstad Company Productions said...

I absolutely love this photo! It's so creative and I love seeing the joy in their faces! So natural and well done! Great job! :)

Alex Schwemmer said...

This photo is amazing and very well done. I love the simple background and the joy captured on their faces. You did a great job with this assignment! I also very much agree that home isn't just one set place, it's where you feel safe, where you can be yourself, and where you are loved. Home is a very special place.